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Noriko Wigs are designed for fashionable, sophisticated women searching for quality, comfort, and style. From chic bobs, long layers, and unisex styles – Noriko keeps your hair style and color story on-trend with multi-tonal colors and hand-crafted artistry in each design. Use code VIP for lowest pricing. Experience the best…you deserve it!

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  1. Drew by Noriko | Creamy Toffee R
    Noriko DREW Wig
    $143.65 List Price $169.00
  2. Pam in Marble Brown
    Noriko PAM Wig
    $146.20 List Price $172.00
  3. Emerson by Noriko | Illumina- R
    Noriko EMERSON Wig
    $181.05 List Price $213.00
  4. Blake in Creamy Toffee R
    Noriko BLAKE Wig
    $187.00 List Price $220.00
  5. Izzie in Mochacino R
    Noriko IZZIE Wig
    $188.70 List Price $222.00
  6. IVY by Noriko | Iced Mocha R
    Noriko IVY Wig
    $181.90 List Price $214.00

    8 Items

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